Our Crew

Tiia Virtanen

CEO & Founder

Tiia has an extensive restaurant background including working at Savoy in Helsinki. During her time in Helsinki she worked as a pastry chef, line chef, and as a hostess. Her passion for food runs deep, as does her passion for being health conscience. Here at Bondai Tiia has created a menu that blends great tasting food, with healthy toppings and sides.

Tiia is also attending Haaga-Helia as a student of Business Administration. In her free time she enjoys yoga, eating at new exciting restaurants, and walking her Californian dog Andy!

Chris Paxton

Marketing & Co-Owner

Chris is new to Finland, having moved here in 2016. Before helping co-run Bondai, he was a TV News Photographer for Fox News out of San Francisco. He spent 13 years filming a wide range of stories including Presidential Inaugurations, California Wildfires, and Hurricanes in the South.

Now he applies his news background to help create marketing material, while also managing Bondai's Social Media. When he's not making new Bondai Stickers, he's grabbing dinner with Tiia (suprise they're together), and also walking their dog Andy.

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